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Bluedio R2-WH Kopfbügel HIFI Kopfhörer  Sportkopfhörer  Voice Kopfhörer - Schwarz

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Bluedio R2-WH Kopfbügel HIFI Kopfhörer Sportkopfhörer Voice Kopfhörer - Schwarz

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R2-WH main Features:
1) Bluedio 8 driver units.
2 50mm 42Ω woofer and 6 29Ω 3D speakers composed of 8 driver units, represent strong bass and clear sound quality, revert original music to you.
2) High fidelity monitoring headset
R2-WH strove to transmits high fidelity music, without DSP, sound source playing through the speaker directly, 0.2% THD only, revert to most original Hi-Fi music no matter play on FLAC, WAV or APE format, suitable for professional user.
3) Wide range frequency response
Independent bass and tweeter speakers of Bluedio R2-WH composed to 5Hz-25kHz wide range frequency response, speaker sensitivity up to 114dB, created wide range frequency response.
4) Exposure to the scene by PPS8 effect
The unique PPS8 effect of Bluedio, to simulate 5.1 channels surround sound effect, no matter listening to music or watching movie, PPS8 will let you feel like exposure to the scene.
5) Accessories made for you
An audio cable with calling function made for Apple and Samsung devices, you won't miss any important call while enjoying music. Thus, there is a extension cable for computer, let you use R2-WH to make IP call and video chat easily.
6) Classic design
Simple and classic design of R2-WH, wear it, you are unrivalled in the crowd.
7) Convenience
With adjustable and foldable slider of R2-WH, plus light weighted, it is easy to bring.
Technical Specifications
Distortion: 0.2% (THD)
Maximum Output Power: 50mW
Input Power: 30mW
Speaker Sensitivity: 114dB(±3dB)
Frequency Response: 5Hz-25kHz
Body Size:190*190*58mm
Box  Size:280*165*92mm
Color: Black

Technische daten

不显在列表 Ja
Farbe Schwarz
Marken Bluedio
Modell Bluedio R2-WH
Stecker-Typ L
Verbindung Kabelgebunden
Mikrofon Ja


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