Just from the design itself, UMi TOUCH’s metal body has made itself very attractive, as a matter of fact, the other highlights of the phone are more practical for daily use, the Fingerprint ID and 4000mAh battery.

Speaking of that, how are the Fingerprint ID experience? Let’s have a look.

For most UMi fans, Fingerprint ID is the biggest highlight of UMi TOUCH. Today, front Fingerprint ID function has already widely used on flagship products. It is expected that UMi would add front Fingerprint ID function on their products, shown as the picture below. For now, Fingerprint ID designs are mainly front type and back type(side Fingerprint ID is for the niche market). UMi TOUCH is the front one which is also only seen on high-end design.

umi touch

On the official advertising, “Rapid” is one of the highlights of UMi TOUCH’s Fingerprint unlock, like many other Fingerprint ID smartphones. From UMi’s official data, the TOUCH’s Fingerprint unlock is as fast as 0.1 second! In fact, it also supports the common ‘Black screen unlock”. Users do not need to wake up the screen first when unlock, when the finger touches the Fingerprint ID zone, the screen will be woke up and implement Fingerprint unlock operation. It is quite convenient, presenting Fingerprint unlock’s advantage on convenience.

umi touch2

On actual experiencing, UMi TOUCH’s fingerprint ID is quite sensitive, with rapid response speed.

It’s just as fast as iPhone 6s Plus or we can actually say it’s faster as you can see from our test video from below.

umi touch3

It’s also a better Home key structure, completely innovated touch experience.

The fingerprint identification function is linked together with the Home key and a piece of stainless steel sheet is fixed on the Magnesium alloy supporting plate at the back of screen by screw. At the same time, UMi TOUCH is also added a piece of silicone pad between the fingerprint identification module and screen, that not only can prevent key looseness but also can effectively prevent water vapor and sweat from seeping into the phone.